Hi there!

Welcome to Noordphotography! I am Sara Nordquist and I am a photographer. I am so happy that you found your way here. This is where I will show some parts of my big passion in life! I capture moments, I tell stories and I get to share important days with my clients. I love it!

I take my camera with me every where, I see the world with a frame around it. People, animals, houses, nature, you name it! Everything has a frame around it and I want to be there and capture the story, the moment and the feeling.

My responsibility, when working as a photographer, is to tell your story. My passion is what drives me to see ”the frame” and the satisfaction when I deliver a package to my clients is soooo big for me. I often sit and look at you when you get it delivered because I want to see the feeling and emotions in your face… I really enjoy it!

Please feel free to take a look at my Gallery and enjoy the stories.
You can always contact me on hello@noordphotgraphy.com